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Sexy federal agents. Saddle-hardened western lawmen. A whopping dose of family drama.

Whether I’m writing about a contemporary hero–or heroine–who happens to be a federal agent or a sexy cowboy from the Old West, I hope you’ll find a story you love. Love and danger go hand in hand in my work, so be prepared for some highly charged love scenes.

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Believe in the dream… Beware the danger.


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Oyster Books, the supposed Netflix of books, is closing.

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I’ve been invited to participate in a romance box set. The focus will be on romance novels which are the “first in a series.” The box set will release later this year.

Latest re-release, Available Now…

Undercover newlyweds. Gambling. New Orleans.  A secret baby.HHO_INDIE_200

FBI Special Agent Caitlin Chaney believes in going strictly by the book. She’s determined to prove her success  has nothing to do with her father’s position in the federal government. To her way of thinking, Agent LeFevre is a rogue agent and determined to screw up her operation and her career. Just her luck.

Agent Jake Lefevre is used to running undercover ops his way, and he’s not too happy with his new boss, Caitlin Chaney, who’s primarily an FBI accountant. Her undercover experience is limited at best. He needs a partner who can hold her own, not some entitled prima donna.

Jake and Caitlin’s tenuous cover as newlyweds at a New Orleans casino is tested from the outset as they cope with living together. It’s imperative everyone believes they’re madly in love and hot, hot, hot for each other. Their assignment is investigating a casino’s money laundering and discover what happened to a whistleblower is almost compromised  from the very beginning when Jake discovers Caitlin’s boss and the casino’s CFO is someone he knew and loved as a teenager. If he’s recognized, the op will be over before it starts.

Holding Her Own is a romantic suspense novel filled with sheet-burning passion along with white-knuckle suspense. Author Marie-Nicole Ryan adds in a whopping dose of family drama, because that’s life–right?

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Ready for a passionate romp with a sexy lawman?

Mastering the Marshall by Marie-Nicole RyanIs she a dead ringer…or a dead woman walking?

When U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam Dunaway arrives in Kenton Valley, Texas, for a murder trial, the last thing he expects is to run into his late wife Celine. The one who supposedly died in a boarding house fire shortly after she ran off with his life savings.

Despite her Plain Jane disguise, Sam isn’t fooled. As soon as his business with the trial is finished, the woman who broke his heart will pay.

Three years ago, Celine had good reason to use Sam’s money to go into hiding—and it’s a secret she must still keep, even if it means certain arrest and imprisonment. Because coming clean risks crushing rejection.

In spite of themselves, the embers of love roar in to a passionate inferno, leaving Sam with a hell of a choice. To stick to his principles…or follow his heart. Read more