Going on Vacation

A week from today I’ll be leaving on vacation, and you my dear readers will be spared my incessant entreaties to “buy my books.” Here are some photos from my previous trips to upstate NY:          

One Too Many Re-released

I’m very happy to announce that ONE TOO MANY, a mystery/suspense novel, is now again available for purchase in both electronic and print formats. It has a new cover. It’s a re-release of a previously published mystery novel. Murder: Guaranteed to ruin a perfectly good honeymoon. After several days of newlywed bliss, Miranda French, the […]

A Mystery Suspense re-releasing soon

If you enjoyed David and Miranda’s love story in LOVE ON THE RUN, then stay tuned for their adventurous honeymoon in ONE TOO MANY. It will have a brand new cover which is a departure from my usually sexy bare-chested heroes, and that’s because it’s a different genre: sexy bare-chested heroes need not apply. Of […]

Memorial Day

Every year, Henderson sets out a cross in Central Park for each deceased veteran in Henderson County. The sight never fails to humble me. Drive safely. Don’t burn the BBQ. And never forget the sacrifice our servicemen and servicewomen make to ensure our freedoms. Marie-Nicole Believe in the dream… Beware the danger.    

New Blog, New Intro.

Since my blog is set up to post to several sources at once, I feel it’s necessary to re-introduce myself. I’m Marie-Nicole Ryan, and I write romantic suspense and erotic historical western romance. (Whoa! That intro sounds like I’m at an A.A. meeting.) So back to the introductory stuff.  Mainly I write about sexy lawmen […]

Ta Dah!

Here it is, the new improved web site. I’ve mucked around with the header, and yes, I know it’s not centered yet, but as Jane explained to me there’s no “center” function. The centering will depend on the exact width. I’m still trying to find that sweet width. I’m getting closer, but right now I’d […]

Learning New Software

  I’m about ready to launch a new web site. It’s not fancy, but it’s streamlined and easier to navigate than the older one. If you want to read older blog posts, you’ll need to check out the Blogger site.  It’s been around for a long time, and I really hate to leave it, but […]


Dear Reader Welcome to my brand new web site! I hope you’ll find it easier to navigate than the older one. Whether I’m writing about a contemporary hero–or heroine–who happens to be a federal agent or a sexy cowboy from the Old West, I hope you’ll find a story you love. Love and danger go […]