Dear Reader

Sexy federal agents. Saddle-hardened lawmen. All wrapped up with a whopping dose of family drama.

Whether I’m writing about a contemporary hero–or heroine–who happens to be a federal agent or a sexy cowboy from the Old West, I hope you’ll find a story you love. Love and danger go hand in hand in my world, so be prepared for an occasional highly-charged love scene.


Believe in the dream… Beware the danger.


9/27/19: COVER REVEAL for OUTLAWED, TBP 2020









9/2/19:  THREATENED now AVAILABLE for SALE! Just click on the links below…. ebook and print

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7/8/19: Now Available: MEASURE OF A MAN.  (ebook and print)   Amazon   Barnes & Noble   iBooks  Kobo   Google

4/:15/2019: MEASURE OF A MAN is now in the hands of my editor. Expect release around Mid-May if it’s not in too bad of a shape.

1/17/2019: First draft completed on MEASURE OF A MAN. WOO HOO!

11/19/2018: Due to the inordinate amount of SPAM I receive from my “Contact Me” page, I’ve decided to delete it. I don’t need any of the services that are offered. Enough said. I can always be reached on my Facebook author page. 

9/10/2018:  Believe it or not: Walmart and Kobo have penned a great deal. So now, Walmart now sells my ebooks online.

3/25/18: About the Universal Book Store:  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be changing the links to a convenient one-click venue. Rather than showing multiple icons for stores, there’ll be one link which will take you to When you go to that link, you’ll be prompted to “choose” your favorite sales venue. After that you’ll be taken to that store automatically. So if you’re an Amazon/Kindle reader, you’ll choose Amazon, and so on.

10/12/17:  Print cover reveal for the upcoming release, MEASURE OF A MAN, the third book in my Music City Heat series.







4/30/2017: Available Now…

This Loving the Lawman box set includes three full-length novels of erotic historical western romance written by award-winning author Marie-Nicole Ryan. Enjoy the exciting stories of the Old West where these brave and sexy heroines and their stalwart and handsome lawmen find true love while fighting off dastardly villains and even a natural disaster. Over 155,000 words.





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3/7/2017: Cover Reveal for my last three books which were published by Samhain. As soon as rights are reverted, they’re ready to go. Since they are erotic historical western romances, they are a departure from my romantic suspense stories. Of course, I can’t resist placing my heroines in danger…

3/2/2017: I’m sad to announce my publisher, Samhain Publishing, Ltd., has closed its doors. My last three books with them, the Loving the Lawman series, will soon be reissued and available for purchase.


1/6/2017:  Happy New Year! Yes, I’m a little late in wishing you the tidings of the season. Better late than never–right?

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6/3/2016 HUNTED Now available in Print.

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