TAMING TALIA Character Interview

MNR: Thankfully my time travel machine was in good working order, and I was able to journey back to 1889 to the New Mexico Territory to interview the very handsome Jared Fields and his lovely bride-to-be Natalia. It’s supposed to be early spring, but I have to say it’s colder than a well digger’s ass […]

Holding Her Own, FBI Guys 2 Re-released

The first book in the FBI Guys series has just been re-released. When it was first published, I didn’t know it was going to be a series, but the secondary character of Alex MacGregor was such a hit with readers that he needed his own happily ever after.  HOLDING HER OWN is set in New […]

Plotter? Pantster? Or Somewhere In Between?

There’s always a lot of chatter about whether or not a writer is a plotter or a pantser. Plotters have the entire story worked out, probably outlined to the T. Pantsers dive into the story with only a vague idea about where or how they’re going to get there, except for the required HEA (happily […]

One Too Many Re-released

I’m very happy to announce that ONE TOO MANY, a mystery/suspense novel, is now again available for purchase in both electronic and print formats. It has a new cover. It’s a re-release of a previously published mystery novel. Murder: Guaranteed to ruin a perfectly good honeymoon. After several days of newlywed bliss, Miranda French, the […]

A Mystery Suspense re-releasing soon

If you enjoyed David and Miranda’s love story in LOVE ON THE RUN, then stay tuned for their adventurous honeymoon in ONE TOO MANY. It will have a brand new cover which is a departure from my usually sexy bare-chested heroes, and that’s because it’s a different genre: sexy bare-chested heroes need not apply. Of […]

Memorial Day

Every year, Henderson sets out a cross in Central Park for each deceased veteran in Henderson County. The sight never fails to humble me. Drive safely. Don’t burn the BBQ. And never forget the sacrifice our servicemen and servicewomen make to ensure our freedoms. Marie-Nicole Believe in the dream… Beware the danger.