Holding Her Own, FBI Guys 2 Re-released

The first book in the FBI Guys series has just been re-released. When it was first published, I didn’t know it was going to be a series, but the secondary character of Alex MacGregor was such a hit with readers that he needed his own happily ever after.  HOLDING HER OWN is set in New […]

Plotter? Pantster? Or Somewhere In Between?

There’s always a lot of chatter about whether or not a writer is a plotter or a pantser. Plotters have the entire story worked out, probably outlined to the T. Pantsers dive into the story with only a vague idea about where or how they’re going to get there, except for the required HEA (happily […]

A Mystery Suspense re-releasing soon

If you enjoyed David and Miranda’s love story in LOVE ON THE RUN, then stay tuned for their adventurous honeymoon in ONE TOO MANY. It will have a brand new cover which is a departure from my usually sexy bare-chested heroes, and that’s because it’s a different genre: sexy bare-chested heroes need not apply. Of […]