A Simple Way to Improve Your Health Today

One Simple Way to Improve Your Health today. These feet were made for walking. Get up. Get out of that chair or recliner, wherever you write, and put on those comfy shoes and walk. So simple… and so freaking hard. Good intentions won’t improve your health. You have to do it! I should know ’cause […]

Fostering Creativity #UpbeatAuthors

How to foster creativity in our lives is often a bit of a puzzle (sorry for the pun), especially if our livelihood depends on that oh-so elusive noun. Instead of chasing story ideas around like a hapless rat in a maze, it’s time to try something else. Take a careful step away from the computer […]

Most Encouraging Quotation

The journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes twelve days. If you travel for eleven but stop with only one day remaining, how can you admire the moon over the capital? –Nichiren Daishonin, Letter to Niike   While this encouraging quote from the 13th century relates to continuing diligence in matters of faith, it always encouraged me to […]

The Joy in Simple Things

Thanks to a thoughtful friend’s birthday present last year, I’ve rediscovered a childhood pleasure: coloring books. Of course being slightly OTT when it comes to creative endeavors, I rushed out to buy more coloring books, gel pens, and markers. Yes, it’s time to occasionally disconnect for all those electronic devices and indulge in a childhood […]