Sicassietypes2nce my blog is set up to post to several sources at once, I feel it’s necessary to re-introduce myself. I’m Marie-Nicole Ryan, and I write romantic suspense and erotic historical western romance. (Whoa! That intro sounds like I’m at an A.A. meeting.) So back to the introductory stuff.  Mainly I write about sexy lawmen and women of various stripes and types. I was a bookworm as a kid, teenager, and as an adult. Always, always, I dreamed of writing my own books. In 2002, that dream came true while I was still working the day job as a registered nurse and case manager.

I live in western Kentucky, mainly because I was born here and returned to give my mom a hand. Sadly, she has now passed on, and I’m stuck. Not really. This is my hometown, and even if I miss Nashville, TN, where I lived for more years than I care to count. I still have friends here and don’t want to move again.

My main companion is a rescue Sheltie who goes by the name of Cassie or Cassie Marie (if she’s misbehaving). I find it difficult to deny that face anything. I’m also very fortunate that I made a new friend, historical romance author Cindy Nord, who lives just across the Ohio from me. We can talk writing–and Shelties, since she has two–for hours and never get tired.

So I hope those who aren’t already bored by me will check out my new web site and my books.