Nashville sizzles in the summer.

Nashville Homicide Detective Tess O’Malley has a lot to prove. She comes from a long line of police officers, including her father and older brothers.

First she and her partner are taken off a high profile case and sidelined with a cold case instead. After reviewing the files, she’s certain her cold case is connected to the current one, and she sets out to prove it. Too bad it means locking horns with a handsome PI who could win her heart and derail her career.

Scott Holt is all business when it comes to running his family’s PI firm. When the lovely Detective O’Malley comes to question him about his possible involvement in her cold case, he has everything but business on his mind. Like locking lips with the fiery redhead.

Love Me if You Can is a romantic suspense novel filled with sheet-burning passion along with nail-biting suspense. Plus, author Marie-Nicole Ryan adds in a whopping dose of family drama, because that’s life–right?

Music City Heat 1
Genre: Romantic suspense
Cover Art, Marie-Nicole Ryan
Published 2010, The Wild Rose Press
Re-released 2012, Ryandale Publishing
ASIN: B007134AEQ
eISBN: 9781501424090
Print ISBN: 9781478295396

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Recommended Read   “Marie-Nicole Ryan has done it again in Love Me If You Can from beginning to the end.” Reviewer: Lena, Black Ravens Reviews

5 Hearts   “This is a mature and complex love story much like real life with ups downs and in-betweens… I highly recommend this well-written romantic suspense, I know it’s one I will definitely reread.” Reviewer: Theresa Joseph, The Romance Studio

4 Siren Stones   “Great pacing and mystery keeps the reader at the edge of their seat…”Reviewer: Nikki, Siren Book Reviews

4 Hearts   “Love Me If You Can is a fast paced read that will keep your attention until the last page. It is the perfect book for both romance and mystery lovers.” Reviewer: Melissa,Melissa’s Sizzling Hot Reviews

3 1/2 Tea Cups    “…a good, solid story with believable characters and a plot that keeps you on your toes…” Reviewer: Denise, Happily Ever After Reviews

3 1/2 Stars    “Love Me If You Can is a quick paced race to catch a killer and maybe even a happily ever after that will keep your attention.” Reviewer: IvyD, Manic Readers (Review removed when I re-published)

3 Stars   “…suspense plot is fast moving and keeps the reader guessing until the surprising climax.” Reviewer: Dawn Crowne, Romantic Times

PG-13 Excerpt
©2009 Marie-Nicole Ryan
All rights reserved, Ryandale Publishing

 Tess took another bite of pizza, her silver gaze never leaving his. “You going to help me out or not? Forbes is your client, after all.” Her voice rose and, again, heads turned in their direction.

“Calm down. I’d like to live long enough to walk you home…and maybe get a good-night kiss.”

Taking a deep breath, she leaned back and signaled everything was cool. “You want to walk me home and kiss me good-night? How sweet.”

Her soft tone mocked him, but he didn’t care.

“Like we’re high school sweethearts.” She wrinkled her nose, but her eyes shone with moderate good humor.

“Would you rather I said what I was really thinking?”

Her lashes fluttered briefly, then she eyeballed him directly. “Maybe. Depends on what you were really thinking.”

He lowered his tone a notch. “About pressing you up against the wall and having my way with you.”

For a second, her gray eyes flashed silver.

Damn. He was a goner—as in, he’d gone too far. Said too much. Too soon.

She leaned forward. “I’ll have you know I don’t engage in up-against-the-wall, wild animal sex on the first date, not that this is even a date.” Her tone was matter-of-fact, but her cheeks flushed a pretty pink. Maybe he could still pull his nuts out of the fire before they went up in smoke.

“A guy can always hope,” he said, without a chance in the world she wouldn’t kick him to the curb. Or have one of her fellow officers do the honors.

“A guy can hold his breath…until he turns purple.”

“I can see I’ve put my foot in it. I’m sorry… But damn, the sight of your mouth. Your skin. Your eyes. Dammit. You’re driving me up a wall.”

“Another reference to the wall? Would that be the same wall?”

“Bad choice of words.”

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