Outlawed, Hill Country Lawmen 3, Work in Progress

OUTLAWED, a Hill Country Lawman novel Ex-Navy SEAL, Rob Hyde returns from Afghanistan and discovers his father has a gambling problem and has lost the ranch that’s been in the Hyde family since the late 1800s due to unpaid taxes. Even worse, his father blames Rob for enlisting after 9/11 and deserting him and the […]

Threatened, Hill Country Lawmen 2, work in progress

THREATENED, Hill Country Lawmen 2 Texas Ranger Ben Rasmussen had his heart broken by a beautiful blonde once, and no way is he interested in repeating the experience. Still, there’s something tough, yet fragile, about a certain young business owner, and yes, dammit, she’s a blonde. And beautiful to boot. Co-owner of Wheaton’s Mercantile and […]

Hunted, Hill Country Lawmen 1

HUNTED  Two bodies and counting…  A hit man on the prowl… Los Marcos County Sheriff Vincent Tate stands for law and order. Always has. Absolutely nothing deters him from this mission. Not even his cheating wife who ran away with one of the bank VPs. More and more, Vince is drawn to his old love, […]