OUTLAWED, Hill Country Lawmen 3, Coming 2020

OUTLAWED, a Hill Country Lawman novel Breaking the law for a just cause. Ex-Navy SEAL, Josh Tyler returns from Afghanistan and discovers his father has a gambling problem and has lost the ranch that’s been in the Tyler  family since the late 1800s due to unpaid taxes. Even worse, his father blames Josh for enlisting […]

THREATENED, Hill Country Lawmen 2

THREATENED, Hill Country Lawmen 2 Do blondes really have more fun? Not when danger lurks around every corner. Texas Ranger Ben Rasmussen had his heart broken by a beautiful blonde once, and no way is he interested in repeating the experience. Still, there’s something tough, yet fragile, about a certain young business owner, and yes, […]

MEASURE OF A MAN, Music City Heat 3

MEASURE OF A MAN Too hot to handle… Too sweet to give up. Tamsyn Holt, seductress and chameleon. Her sensual beauty has ensnared many a mark into her honey trap. With her client base, she’s quite an asset to the family PI agency’s bottom line. But can any man hope to tame her? Only Jason St. […]

HUNTED, Hill Country Lawmen 1

HUNTED  Two bodies and counting…  A hit man on the prowl… Los Marcos County Sheriff Vincent Tate stands for law and order. Always has. Absolutely nothing deters him from this mission. Not even his cheating wife who ran away with one of the bank VPs. More and more, Vince is drawn to his old love, […]

See You In My Dreams

Don’t believe in reincarnation? Neither did Max nor Nikki until the dreams began. A chance meeting thrusts Maxim Devereaux, head of an international modeling agency, and runaway Nikki Prentice into a tormented relationship as Maxim transforms Nikki into a super model. Plagued by obstacles in their tragic past lives, they have one more chance together. […]

The Man For The Job

Lust at first sight.  Ex-police Detective Mike Carlton considers bodyguard work a necessary evil–it pays the bills. But he changes his mind as soon as attorney Gwyn waltzes into his office. A stalker? Yes, he’ll guard her all night long if necessary. All he has to do is convince this uptight attorney with a fondness […]

Holding Her Own, FBI Guys 1

Undercover newlyweds. New Orleans.  A voodoo priestess. A secret baby. FBI Special Agent Caitlin Chaney believes in going strictly by the book. She’s determined to prove her success  has nothing to do with her father’s position in the federal government. To her way of thinking, Agent LeFevre is a rogue agent and determined to screw up […]

Broken Promises, FBI Guys 2

An FBI agent… A Mafia princess… Career suicide… FBI Special Agent Alex MacGregor has a bad habit of making and breaking promises. Over the years this habit has brought him heartbreak…and broken some hearts as well. But now his older sister has disappeared. Vowing to find her, he takes leave from the Chicago FBI field […]

Beginnings, Music City Heat Prequel

Tragedy rocks a blended family of six siblings in Nashville. Scott, the eldest is in law school, and Caroline is in grad school. Justin, the nerd is still in college. What about Tamsyn, Allison and Kim? They’re still in high school and junior high.     BEGINNINGS (Short Story) Music Cith Heat: Prequel Genre: Romance […]

Love Me If You Can, Music City Heat 1

Nashville sizzles in the summer. Nashville Homicide Detective Tess O’Malley has a lot to prove. She comes from a long line of police officers, including her father and older brothers. First she and her partner are taken off a high profile case and sidelined with a cold case instead. After reviewing the files, she’s certain her cold […]

Because of You, Music City Heat 2

Nashville… A pregnant nurse goes missing… A killer on the loose. When a pregnant friend and fellow case manager goes missing, Allison Lackey turns to her family’s P.I. agency for help. Just her luck, her brother assigns his old pal and new employee, Nick Vitelli, to the case. Wouldn’t you know he’s the same fellow […]

Too Good To Be True

2008 EPPIE Winner in Erotic Romantic Suspense!  The sheriff has the hots for her prime suspect. What’s a girl to do? As her father did before he was murdered, Sheriff Rilla Devane has sworn to protect and serve. An influx of party drugs has killed two teenagers, but she has a suspect: handsome, rich newcomer […]

Love on the Run

Running from a killer, Miranda is fighting for her and her son’s lives—and the chance to love again. Miranda Raines believes she’s found a safe haven in Oxford, England, until Scotland Yard’s DCI David French knocks on her door with terrifying news: her ex-husband, a convicted murderer, has escaped from prison and he’s coming for […]