MNR: Thankfully my time travel machine was in good working order, and I was able to journey back to 1889Taming Talia by Marie-Nicole Ryan to the New Mexico Territory to interview the very handsome Jared Fields and his lovely bride-to-be Natalia. It’s supposed to be early spring, but I have to say it’s colder than a well digger’s ass in Alaska.
Just a bit of background, these two met last fall and were snowed in for a week or so. Now having met the former Pinkerton agent, I swan I wouldn’t mind being snowed in with him for an entire winter, but I’m receiving some furious looks from a certain fiery lady, so I’d best desist.
(Lashes fluttering) Now my first question’s for Jared—.
Natalia interrupts: Don’t be familiar. He is Mr. Fields to you.
MNR: Begging your pardon, señora. (clears throat) Mr. Fields, would you mind telling the readers something about your background. Pardon me for saying so, but your manner doesn’t strike me as that of a typical Pinkerton.
Jared Fields: I’m not typical. I’m sad to say many Pinkertons are merely thugs for hire. I was born into an upper class New York City family. My father was a banker and I attended university—for a while.
MNR: Your response makes me think, perhaps, you left university early. Is that correct?
Jared: Indeed, you are correct, madam. I’m afraid I fell in with a wild crowd, and my youthful indiscretions led to my being disinherited.
MNR: Indiscretions? Do tell us.
Jared: Cards, dice, and fast women. I squandered my late mother’s inheritance and was forced to earn a living in any fashion I could. My father was understandably angry and wrote me out of his will. I say understandably from a more mature perspective. I didn’t understand at the time.
MNR: How did you manage? It would seem you weren’t cut out for hard labor or a trade?
Jared: I gambled. I had some luck, but as they say the odds always favor the house. I was recommended to the Pinkerton Agency by a friend. I was deemed the perfect type of agent to handle the more delicate missions requiring a more sophisticated operative.
MNR: And I gather that the mission which brought you in contact with your bride-to-be was one of the more delicate ones?
Jared opens his mouth to speak, but apparently Natalia has had enough and chimes in: Indeed, he presented himself to me as a financial adviser, but he didn’t fool me for a second. In spite of his good looks and sophisticated manner, I didn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I wasn’t about to relinquish control of the fortune my husband left me after his untimely, but welcome, death.
MNR: So the marriage wasn’t a happy one…
Talia: He was a pig! The marriage was a business transaction between him and my father. My father’s vast land holdings for my husband’s new found gold. My father took the gold and ran, leaving me with a man who despised me for my darker skin. Me with the blood of the Conquistadors running through my veins!
MNR, thinking I ought to get off the topic of her late husband: Given your trust issues, how did you manage to get together? I mean anyone can see you’re together now.
Natalia blushes and squeezes Jared’s hand. Jared: There was a storm, a blizzard really, and we had to work together or die.
Talia: He saved my life. She beams up at him.
MNR: Please tell the readers how he saved your life. I thought that was pretty interesting.
Talia: No. It’s too personal. Really you are most impertinent.
MNR I can see this interview is going nowhere fast: You’re not being very forthcoming. I’m sure everyone would want to know more.
Talia: Then let them read the book. You spent all that time writing our story. Why should I spoil it for them?
MNR: You have a point there. My thanks to both of you for taking time out from your wedding preparations.
Talia: Enough. You’re going to spoil it.
MNR: It’s a romance, Talia. The readers expect a happy ending.
Talia shrugs: Ah, well. If you say so.
Jared smiles: Say good night, Talia.
Talia flips her hair over her shoulder: Buenas noches.
MNR It’s easy to see even if Talia is fiery and at times intense, that Jared is capable of controlling her: Good night and best wishes for your future.
Time to hop back in my time travel machine and head home to the 21st Century.